Horizontal tubular bagging

Horizontal tubular bagging

Horizontal tubular bagging

We create and convert the perfect film for your horizontal tubular bagging machine – based on your highly specific requirements. It makes no difference whether you’re looking for an absolutely tight seal that has to be gas-flushed (MAP) for food products or a solution for a flow pack machine where the contents are gas-flushed immediately prior to sealing; with our films you’re always on the side of safety and efficiency.

Suitable Zeisberger products


Zeisberger profilm.

The BOPP film with more advantages. More economical, more advertising impact, more ecological, more protection.

Biodegradable film

Zeisberger greenfilm.

This biodegradable film makes a very good impression – on our customers as well as on the environment.

Compound film

Zeisberger protech.

This compound film has a composition that is determined by your requirements for optimum protective qualities.


We will find your individual and sustainable solution.

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